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Jack Russell Dog Tote / Shopper Bag - Personalised

Jack Russell Dog Tote / Shopper Bag - Personalised

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 Dog Tote / Shopper Bag - Personalised


This tote bag is perfect for any pup-loving fashion maven. Show off your sense of style with an adorable bag that's personalised just for you! No more cluttered closets - this pup-tastic tote is ready to make a statement!

- Image will be positioned centrally at the top of the bag.
Brand Lab Organic Cotton Long Handle Shopper
  • Combed, woven cotton.
  • Carry/shoulder straps (67cm).
  • Tear out label.
  • Capacity 10 litres.
  • Hand wash only.

You have the choice to include personalised embroidered text if desired.

Kindly leave a message during checkout indicating the specific text you wish to have on the item. Thank you.

When providing the name for the item, please use a combination of UPPERCASE and lowercase letters as you prefer.


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